Bennington Police Department Gun Safety

The Bennington Police Department encourages everyone who owns or has an interest in guns to become safe with them.  Do not hesitate to take a class on gun safety.  The Bennington Police Department has two aspects of gun safety/laws – Pistol Permits and Gun Safety Locks.

Pistol Permits – allows a person to carry a concealed weapon.  A criminal record check will be completed and references contacted. The permit is good for four years and currently cost $10.00.  If you are a gun enthusiast or like to hunt it is highly recommended that you get a concealed weapons permit. Please complete the attached application and return it to the Bennington Police Department.

Gun Safety Locks – the Bennington Police Department has gun safety locks.  With young children and others it is very much recommended that guns have locks on them.  The locks are free; however, we do limit the amount to three per household.  Please stop by and get your gun locks.

You may pick up an application or gun lock at the Bennington Police Department. Any questions please contact the Bennington Police at 588-6303.