• Are you interested in becoming a police officer?
  • Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a police officer?
  • Have you just wanted to know what your local police do?

Bennington has a “Ride-a-Long” program.  It allows citizens to ride with the police and observe what they do on a daily basis.  You will see how different situations are handled – like motor vehicle stops.  You also might be with an officer when he responds to an emergency situation.

The purpose of the program is to foster better communication between the community and the police and to help build a better understanding of the job.  This will also allow the police to learn about what the community is thinking about the police.  Together we can build a better understanding of each other and hopefully build better support for the police.

If you are interested in a “Ride-a-Long” please contact the police department.

  • You will have to complete proper forms – request and waivers
  • You will receive a briefing on safety – unfortunately some things will have to be controlled, this is only for your safety
  • You will also have to be scheduled

Come be part of the police department – see what your police officer’s do for you every day.

Please contact the Bennington Police at 588-6303 if you have any questions about this program.