A Child Is Missing

“A Child is Missing Alert” program is a non-profit organization that uses telephone technology to locate missing children (and some adults).  Basically it is an alert system in which 1,000 telephone calls can be made in a one minute period.  These phone calls can be directed to a certain town, neighborhood, etc.

NOTE:  This is in addition to the Amber Alert Program – it works in concert with the Amber Alert Program it does not replace it.

Bennington officially became part of this program in 2008.  As a side note the training did not cost anything, working with the program does not cost anything and no special equipment is needed.  All we (the police) have to do is gather the information on the missing child, call “A Child is Missing”, relay the information and they take over with the notification system.

If we initiate a search using this program/organization you will receive a phone call.  You will hear something very close to the following:

This is an urgent message from the Bennington Police Department.  We are looking for a missing child in your area.  The missing child’s name and description are………………….  Please contact the Bennington Police Department.

If you hear this message all we ask that you do is to check around your residence/neighborhood.  If you see anyone or anything which you think would assist the police please contact the Bennington Police at 588-6303.

Please visit the web page for “A Child is Missing Alert”.  The web page is – www.achildismissing.org